• It is the famous member of silicate family that is known for its shine and resistance
  • Present in the form of very soft and shiny sheets and powder


  • 2.6 – 3.2


  • It is not flammable
  • Can bear heat up to 600 degree Celsius
  • Also present in red, brown and greenish yellow color


  • It is present in its original form in America, India and Brazil
  • Can also be prepared synthetically 


  • Can cause irritation if gets stuck in throat
  • Can also be dangerous for lungs


  • Block, sheet and single crystals


  • Dry ground, wet ground


  • Rubber making, glass and ceramic, filling agent in paints, roofing, boot polishes, mould release agent, insolating paper making, wall paper and wall board joint cement.
  • Used in preparing cosmetic products like eye shadows, highlighters, make up stick, beauty cream, nail polish, lipstick, face makeup, shampoo and blushers.

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