Alternate names

Alternative chemical names are as follows.

  1. Acetic ether
  2. Acetic ether
  3. vienger Naphtha


Fragrant colorless year


 Easily dissolved in ether, alcohol solution and chloro form. Water has very little solution.

Boiling  Point

  77 degrees Celsius

 Vapor pressure

 73MM at 20 degree centigrade

Freezing point

Negative 6.83 degrees Celsius

Flash point

24 degrees Fahrenheit

 Auto agnation Temperature

 426 degrees Celsius


 Acetic acid and ethyl alcohol are prepared by heating each other. Sulfuric acid is used as a catalyst.


 Commercial: 85-88% (95-98%)

 NF: 99%



 It is flammable; it can be good for explosions.

 Eating is a poisonous mixture.

 Eyes and skin should be protected

 It’s scratching.

Industrial use

 The following products are widely used.

Plastics & Paint Making –

Rubber Making in Smokeless (Smokeless) Powder.

In medicine .In the artificial fruit flavoring manufacturing

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