It is also called ammonium bi chromate.


  • It is present in the form of orange crystals and needles.


  • 2.152


  • Melts on slow heating too


  • Soluble in water


  • Prepared by the reaction of chromic acid on ammonium hydroxide


  • Ammonium chromate is poisonous in dust and liquid form
  • It causes irritation in eyes and on skin. So it is necessary to keep them away from this chemical compound.
  • It is highly explosive and should be kept away from oxidizing agents and other organic materials.


  • It is used as a mordant in dying
  • The chemical is used in the preparation of pigments and paint industry
  • It is also used in chrome alum and artificial fragrances.
  • Photography, lithography and engraving have application of ammonium di chromate
  • It is used in explosives, chromic acid and to clean oil.

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