Disinfectant Liquid for Bath Room cleaner Formula

$ 55


We are providing chemical formulas to solve the problems they are facing while processing their business. We try to provide the latest and up to date information about those chemicals.


This double action cleaning formula not only cleans the surfaces but also kills the germs and removes bad odor from the bathroom. It quickly removes the soap scum, dirt, and grime from the bathroom without any need of scrubbing.

The disinfectant bathroom cleaner has made it easy to keep a clean and germ-free lavatory at a little cost. However, you can get this bacteria-free cleaning by spending more even less with the given method of producing the disinfectant at home.

Bathroom and toilets places are generating high rates of germs and other infections it is necessary to clean as well as disinfectant it 100 % by highly germs killing formula at very economical prices specially for business concern.

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