Varnish Making

Varnish is a liquid coating substance that contains a resin material. The resin, when applied to a surface, dries to form a hard transparent film. Most varnishes come with a mixture of resin, drier, volatile solvent and a drying oil.

After applying the varnish on the surfaces, the solvent evaporates and the remaining components form a durable. The wooden surfaces, decorative objectives and paintings are usually get protected by using varnish. It also increases the performance and life of the wooden furniture or other wooden objects.
Extensive use of wood in furniture and in construction has increased the demand of varnish to give a glossy look to the wood.
Making varnish requires few substances and you can produce it easily. The ingredients are easily available in the market. You can start varnish manufacturing business with a small investment. There are many kinds of varnish and each type involves one or two different ingredients.
It is important that you know the production process and the proportion of each ingredient needed to make the varnish. You can start the business at a small place. First identify the type of varnish you want to produce, and then have a detailed look at the raw materials and equipment required for the production.
There are several methods to test the varnish. So you should be expert in the formulae and the testing techniques to manufacture a high quality product.

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