Coating Formulations

Surface coating involves depositing a layer of molten chemical material on a substance. Surface coating is usually done on metal surfaces to get high wear, corrosion resistance, or thermal insulation. It is also done can repair the damaged parts. This process eliminates the need for complete part replacement and effectively increases the lifetime of the part.
We can say that the main purpose of doing the surface coating is to achieve water, corrosion, and heat resistance. Another important purpose of surface coating is to create a shine or usually includes brass patina, glass coating, ceramic coating, and powder coating.
The powder application needs a coating powder having a specific formulation.
Surface coatings have a huge application in industry and by the consumers to protect the surface of an object from the effects of the environment and to enhance the aesthetic look of the object.
You can start this profitable business to earn money. You just have to select the type of coating you want to do. Remember you should have complete knowledge of the process and the chemicals involved in the surface coatings.
You can do this business at a small place with the chemicals, spraying tools, and other equipment like oven, tub, pigments, etc.
The business may need a handsome investment because the cost of coating material is usually a bit high. But if you set up a business successfully, you can earn higher profits.

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