Lubricant Formula

The companies in this industry produce lubricants like stamping oil, brake fluid oil, turkey red oil, metal cutting oil, and the greasers like white grease, lithium grease, common grease, and other kinds of grease products. Lubricant or lubricating oil is mostly used to reduce the friction, heat, and wear between different parts of the machines.
Lubricating products are commonly used in many industries especially in the automotive industry. With an increase in the demand for lightweight passenger cars and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, the automotive industry has flourished and so the demand for lubricants and greasers has also been increased. The maintenance of industrial machinery also requires lubricating oil and greasing products which is a sign of their ever-increasing demand.
In this way, we can say that establishing a grease or lube manufacturing business at a small scale can be profitable.

MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF GREASE OIL and lubricants is not very difficult. For the production process, you need to know the formulation, ingredients (additives, base oils, foam agent, pour point depressant, etc.), and some equipment. For the quantities of the ingredients to be used, you should have a detailed look into the formula and the manufacturing processes because a good formulation method is necessary for making a successful product.

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