Ink Industry

Companies in this industry produce two main types of ink.
Writing ink
Printing ink
The writing ink refers to the fountain pen ink, marker ink .etc whereas the printing ink includes inkjet cartridges, inkjet inks, and lithographic, flexographic, gravure, and letterpress inks.
The inks are sold to newspaper agencies, printing companies, office supplies
wholesalers and stationers.
Printing Inks contain colors or dyes mixed with oil or water that forms liquid or paste. The printing inks market is divided into two parts one is water-based ink and the other is oil-based ink. The solvent-based or oil-based ink is more popular and has a higher demand because of its extensive use.
You can start producing any type of ink and can earn profits.

Remember that the formulation of ink is based on the fundamental principles of physics and chemistry. So you need to know the formulas and the basic procedure before starting the manufacturing process. The same manufacturing technique is applied to the different types of inks. It is therefore important that you should be familiar with the main manufacturing parameters and the key steps.

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