Food Technology

The companies that transform agricultural products into food items are included in the food technology and processing industry. it is one of the booming businesses that generate higher profits.
The industry has a bright future and it is projected that it will be a leading industry in global markets after few years. Food processing usually involves dairy products, frozen foods, ready meals like kinds of ketchup, jam and jelly, noodles, bread, biscuits, tinned vegetables, breakfast cereals, and so on.
You can choose any one or a few of the products and can start the business as a single person or a private limited company. Choose the product that can be processed easily initially at a small scale. We are giving you examples of a few of the products here
Bread and bakery Making
The bread-making business is very lucrative and you can start it on a small scale. You can initiate the production with low startup capital also. You can increase your sales by providing fresh bread and bakery items to the people at cheaper rates.
Jam jelly making
Jam jelly making is a profitable business and can be started on a small scale with low capital. it can be a home-based business too. You can produce a variety of jams and jellies with different flavors and tastes with nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Noodles Making
You can start producing noodles with a simple process. It does not require much equipment and labor. Instant noodles have a great demand in the market.
Once you have selected the item, make sure that you have complete knowledge of the formula and the method to produce that particular food product.

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