• It is a striking purple colored compound that gives a blue shade.


  • It is odorless and has a sweet taste.


  • 2.7032


  • It is highly soluble in water, acetone and methanol
  • Potassium per magnate loses its properties when dissolved in alcohol.


  • It is obtained through the oxidation  of  magnate in alkaline electrolytic cell.
  • By treating hot magnate solution with carbon dioxide.


  • Available in technical, C-P and U-S-P grades


  • It is strong oxidizing agent
  • It is also Explosive and catches fire easily and should be kept away from  other organic compounds.


  • It is a strong oxidizing agent
  • It is Also used to kill bad odor.
  • Potassium per magnate is also used as bleaching and dying agent
  • This compound s also used as an experimental agent in  analytical chemistry.
  • It is Used as an explosives
  • It clears water and air too

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