• Its other chemical name is ortho phosphoric acid and it ranks 9th among chemical products in America. It means that the chemicals that are manufactured on large scale in America, phosphoric acid is at 9th number among them.
  • It is a colorless, odorless, liquid or clear crystalline solid.
  • At 20 OC, 50 and 70 percent phosphoric acid is present in the form of aqueous crystals.
  • The 85% solute is thick like a juice
  • 100% is in the form of crystals
  • DENSITY: 1.834 at 18 degree Celsius
  • MELTING POINT: 42.35 degree Celsius


  • It is soluble in alcohol and water


  • It affects iron and other metals


  • It is obtained by the reaction of sulfuric acid on phosphate rock
  • Also by the reaction of hydrochloric acid on phosphate rock


  • Agricultural, technical (50%, 75,  85, 90, 100)
  • Food grades (50%, 75, 85)
  • N F, F C C


  • It is poisonous in edible form.
  • Causes irritation in eyes and skin

USES It is used in fertilizers, detergents and soap making, in organic phosphate, pickling and rust proofing materials, pharmaceutical industry, Also used to clean sugar, preparing gelatin, gasoline, cattle feed, cotton and activated carbon

This chemical is used in the cosmetic products like: to adjust the PH value of the shampoos and conditioning shampoos, and hand and body lotions.

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