Alternative Name

Its alternative chemical name is also Artho phosphoric acid

It ranks ninth in the United States in terms of specialty chemical products the chemicals are mostly produced in America. He is ninth among them.

Color and Odor  

 Color less liquid look like transparent  and crystalline solid

 At 20 degrees centigrade, 50 and 75% phosphoric is in liquid state.

85% solution is thick like syrup.

100% acid is in the form of crystals.


  Soluble in alcohol and water.


Decompose the ferrous metal and other related metals i.e eaten these metals rapidly.

Composition and preparation

 By the action of sulfuric acid on phosphate rock.

By the action of hydrochloric acid on phosphate rock.


Agricultural, Mechanical (% 85, 75%, 50%)


Food Grade (85%, 75%, 50%)

N – F (88%, 85%)

F-C-C (85%, 75%)


It is nutritionally toxic.

Irritating to skin and eyes.


In the manufacturing of Fertilizers, Detergents  and Soap Making, in Preparation of In-organic phosphate

 Used in the formulation of adhesives, in the making of  rust removing and pickling solution.

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