• It is one of the most widely used waxes and its other names are mineral wax and fossil wax.
  • This chemical compound is a wax like hydrocarbon and its color is yellowish brown, black or green.
  • It is soluble in light petroleum, benzene, turpentine, kerosene oil, ether, and carbon disulfide.


  • 0.85 to 0.95


  • 55 to 70 OC


Being cheaper than the bees wax,   this wax is used in many products as an alternative.

In addition to many other industries, this chemical compound is used in following products of cosmetic industry.

  • Vanishing creams, cold creams, beauty creams, day and night creams, foundation and make up creams, hand and body lotions, anti dandruff shampoos, lip gloss base, eye liners, baby lotions and creams, brush less shaving creams, moisturizing creams, milky lotions, lipstick base, eye mascara and eye shadows, hand and body conditioning creams.

Other industries where this wax is used include

  • Furniture and floor polish, all kinds of boot polish, lubricating products, paints and varnish, carbon paper, rubber products, leather polish, electric insulation, printing inks, as an alternative of carnauba wax.

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