Its other names are

Iron sulfate, cuprous


  • It is yellowish brown crystals and granules.
  • It is an odorless metallic compound that dissolves in water and has a salty taste
  • Insoluble in alcohol
  • Density is 1.89, melting point is 64 degree Celsius, pH value is 3.7 ( 10% solution)
  • Less poisonous and hygroscopic in nature


  • It is obtained by the reaction of dilute sulfuric acid on iron.


  • U S P, C P anhydrous


  • It is dangerous for intestine in edible form


  • It is used in ink making formulations, American counter inks, fountain pen inks, English log wood inks, steel pen ink, French log wood ink, black and blue ink, glycerin painting inks, leather inks, blue black ink powder, hematoxylin inks manufacturing.

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