Other Names: It is called DEA or  (2-Hydroxy ethyl amine)

Properties : Colorless crystals or exist in concentrated liquid form

Melting point: 28C

Boiling Point: 269C

Density : 1.092

Flash point : 306 F

Solubility: It is soluble in water and Alcohol.

insoluble in Ether and Benzene.

Effects: Flammable chemical compound

Orally poisonous

Preparation: It is prepared by the reaction of the ethylene oxide and Ammonia

Applications: In the Emulsion paints as liquid detergents

In the polish industry and cutting oil manufacturing

In the cosmetics and Textile industry

As a cleaning agent in the detergent manufacturing

As dispersing agent and plasticizer in various compound making

bring a silky and smooth effects in compounds making.

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