It is present in the form of small non-transparent white crystals, available in pieces and flex or in granulated form

Available in 4 grades

  • A grade:
    • Density = 2.15
    • Melting point 772 OC
    • Boiling point 1600 OC
  • B Grade:
    • Melting point 260 OC
  • C grade:
    • USP
    • Density 0.83
  • D grade:
    • Density 1.71
    • Boiling point 200 OC


  • All grades are soluble in water and alcohol


  • All graders are less poisonous but swallowing any type could be harmful


  • It is obtained by the reaction of calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid


  • It is used as De-icing and dust control of roads
  • It is also used in drilling mud’s, freeze proofing, concrete conditioning, paper and pulp industry, pharmaceutical industry, tomato packing, coal and stone industry, hexahydrate and electrolytic cells

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