Hydraulic Oil

Introduction: Hydraulic oils are the lifeblood of much of today’s industrial machinery. The oils must be designed to satisfy the requirements of today and the future, however sophisticated hydraulic systems may become. Water vs. Oils: Originally, all hydraulic systems used water. And even today, water-based hydraulic fluids are still extensively used, particularly where there is a…

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OTHER NAMES Tri ethyl citrate PREPARATION It can be produced by the esterification of citric acid CHARACTERISTICS With having the bitter taste color less liquid REFRACTIVE INDEX 1,44 AT 25 c POUR POINT -50 F BOILING POINT 126.0 to 127.0 OC SOLUBILITY Soluble in oils In 100CC oil 8.0 g soluble in water with the…

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CHARACTERISTICS It is classified as a rich using wax in many products. OTHER NAMES Mineral waxes and fossil waxes are the trade names of this product. COLOR Physically it looks like candle wax hydrocarbon compound with having the color of pale yellowish brown, black and Green . DENSITY 0.85 to 0.95 MELTING POINT 55.0 to…

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CHARACTERISTICS Lemon flavored colorless concentrated liquid form OTHER NAMES Limonene BOILING POINT 175.0 to 176.0 0C DENSITY 0.847 at 15OC FLASH POINT 109 F MELTING POINT -97.0 OC SOLUBILITY Soluble in alcohol Insoluble in water PREPARATION By the fractional distillation of essential oils. By the wood tarpene distillation. In the making of camphor this chemical…

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CHARACTERISTICS It is a kind of dark blue or black colored dyes Some of them are soluble in water While others are soluble in alcohol and oils USES Boot polish formulas, textile dying, leather dying, wood dying and ink making formula


CHARACTERISTICS Its other names are acrylo-nitrile rubber, nitrile-butadene rubber, NBR DENSITY 0.98 TENSILE STRENGTH 1000-3000 Psi MAX SERVICE TEMPERATURE 121-148  0C EFFECTS Flammable COMPOSITION It is obtained synthetically by the random polymerization of acrylonitrile buta di ane Present in the form of powder USES (HIGH ACRYLO NITRILE) It is used as a part of oil…

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It is the other name of naturally found calcium carbonate and it is present in 98% pure form. The remaining 2% contains traces of iron, aluminum and Silica It is also called chalk CHARACTERISTICS White or off white powder DENSITY 2.7 SOLUBILITY Soluble in acid and insoluble in water GRADES Paris white 99% is the…

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CHARACTERISTICS Its other name is methylstyrene. It is a colorless aqueous crystal  FREEZING POINT -76.8  0C BOILING POINT 170-171  0C DENSITY 0.89 REFERECTIVE INDEX 1.53 FLASH POINT 54.4 AUTO IGNITION TEMPERATURE 494  0C SOLUBILITY Soluble in methanol, ether and alcohol Insoluble in water EFFECTS It is poisonous and flammable USES Solvent, intermediate, adhesives


CHARACTERISTICS It is also known as carbamide Present in the form of odorless and salty crystal or powder DENSITY 1.3 MELTING POINT 132.7  0C SOLUBILITY Soluble in water, alcohol and benzene Less soluble in ether and insoluble in chloroform PREPARATION              It is prepared by the reaction of aqueous ammonia and aqueous carbon dioxide GRADES Technical,…

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CHARACTERISTICS It is also known as oil of marine Yellow crystals, oil like compound SOLUBILITY Soluble in alcohol, ether and benzene Less soluble in water DENSITY 1.19 MELTING POINT 5.70  0C BOILING POINT 210.8  0C FLASH POINT 87.7  0C AUTO IGNITION TEMPERATURE 482  0C COMPOSITION Obtained by the reaction of sulfuric acid and nitric acid…

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