• Its other names are: petroleum asphalt, mineral pitch and black top.
  • Its color is dark brown or black and is a mixture of aromatic hydrocarbon and paraffin which contains sulfur hydrogen and oxygen.
  • It is soluble in carbon disulfide only.


  • 1.00


  • 450 OC and its auto ignition temperature is 482 OC


  • It is explosive in nature and useful as an electric insulator.


  • It is present in its natural form but also prepared from the residual left after petrol refinement.


  • Its fumes are dangerous for lungs


  • It is used in paving and road coding, also in roof and wall coding.
  • Present in special kinds of paints and adhesives
  • This compound is used to reduce the thickness of the cheap grade rubber.

It is also used as a radioactive material destroying agent, anti-corrosion compound, and as a synthetic tariff

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