Aerosol Spray Business

What is aerosol technology?

A uniform suspension of fine solid or liquid particles in gas Smoke, fog, and mist are aerosols which are spread in the atmosphere as tiny particles.

Aerosol Business modern Technology

Today’s changing era is rapidly adapting to new technologies Because in today’s era easy to use products are very much liked by the people.

With the changing times, there has also been a lot of change in the packaging industry

Due to which Aerosol remains the center of attraction in the market If we talk about Aerosol packaging. The liquid material is packed at high pressure with propellant gas in any metallic or glass containers which is available in spray or foam form when required

Products in Aerosol packing

At present it is being used in Deodorant, Pain Relief Spray, Sanitizer spray and in Pharmaceutical Industry & Cosmetic Industry, its demand is increasing continuously

In such a situation, you too can start it & become a successful entrepreneur

In this blog a complete information about Aerosol unit is described for new starter.

Raw Material used in Aerosol

The raw materials needed to make Aerosol are-

  1. Alcohol
  2. Synthetic Fragrance
  3. Propellants
  4. Triclosan
  5. Aluminum Compounds & Salts
  6. Cans
  7. Aerosol Valves
  8. Aerosol Can Caps
  9. Aerosol Spray Actuators

After procuring the raw material, it will need some machines to process .

Machinery for Aerosol packing

  • High Shear Batch Mixer
  • Can Feeding Conveyor
  • Aerosol Liquid Filling Machine
  • Aerosol Propellant Filling Machine
  • Actuator Sorter Feeder & Pressing Machine
  • Cap Sorter Feeder & Pressing Machine
  • Slate Chain Conveyor
  • Batch Coding Machine
  • Tunnel Shrink Wrapping Machine
  • Pneumatic Pump
  • Liquid Storage Tank

Aerosol mechanical processing

Always uses a pressurized filling process for aerosol can manufacturing

In this process, first raw materials Like- Alcohol Synthetic fragrance

Triclosan & Aluminum salts are mixed in a certain proportion in a batch mixer

In this step from different raw material composition, you can make many types of Aerosol products like deodorant spray, room freshener, sanitizer spray etc.

Then the liquid solution & gas propellets are filled in the machines for can filling after that, the aerosol cans are then fed to the conveyors where the liquid solution is first filled in the cans to the required quantity after filling, the valves on the cans are crimped, which seals the top part of the can after this gas is filled in these cans after this while feeding on the conveyor, the actuators are inserted then after applying cap etc.

on the inline conveyor after checking its quality With the help of Batch Coding Machine

all the necessary details like by printing MRP, manufacturing date, expiry date .

Is shrink wrapped in required quantity finally, it is packed in cartons & supplied in the market

Space for installing Aerosol plant

For this plant installation the minimum area is required about 13000 Sqft.

The production of this plant can produce 70,000- 72,000 Cans per day

To do business at this level, about 200 kW electric load connection will be required

To start this business at the initial level then for this about 2000-2500 Sqft. area will be required

Labor For aerosol plant

At least 7-8 workers will also be needed

Apart from this, for semi-automatic machines

About 30-35 kW power load connection will also be required

To setup Aerosol unit with semi-automatic plant at initial level

An average profit by installing an aerosol plant which can earn from15%-25% profit of initial cost all the above figures depend on your plant size, product type & market area.

Legal Documentation

The licenses required for this business are-GST

License from Cosmetic & Drug Control Board

Factory License

NOC from Fire & Pollution Control Board to start this business.

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