Printing and writing inks formulas

Printing inks can be divided into three groups which are typographic, Flexographic inks and intaglio inks.

Typographic inks for Ink Formula

Typographic inks mostly use in the printing of newspaper, packing materials, books and magazines. It is use in manual and automatic machine presses. This ink can be divided into plate, cylinder and rotary press. Examples are Web press news, half grade half ton, ledger paper black ink and toning blue ink.

Flexographic inks and Ink Formula

The three main types of ink used in flexography are water-based, solvent-based and UV-curable flexography inks. Flexography ink is a key component in creating packaging materials that meet growing demands of manufacturers. Flexo ink must continually adapt as packaging materials change in order to maintain print-ability

Intaglio inks and ink Formula

These inks are used for printing the material which is engraved and can also be used in the automatic presses and screen ink imageprinting.

It has the ability to dry rapidly due to fewer ratios of fats and oils in it. Intaglio inks are thinner rather than other inks.

Photogravure picture black ,copper plate ,steel plate black inks ,black engraving ink without plate are the best examples of Intaglio inks.

Raw materials for printing inks

Oils and chemicals (solvents) are the basic materials used in printing inks.

Linseed oil and ink formula

Linseed oil use in inks, varnishes and also in the paint industry .It is cleaned properly before the use in ink making.

Lithographic  varnish and ink formula

It is prepared form pure and fine linseed oil..

China wood oil and ink formula

It is also called ting oil and  is used in the order fioricet online formulations of inks as it has the ability to dry quickly .water and alkali have no effect on it.

Soybean  oil & ink formula

Soybean oil is widely use in printing inks and is used as the  alternative of linseed oil where as its iodine value is 125.It does not dry the the ink quickly.

Mineral oils and ink formula

The mineral oil which is used in inks making formulas is the heavy mineral oil and source is petroleum. These oils are used in cheap inks formulas.

Other oils & ink formula

Rosin oil ,pitch varnish ,artificial oil, castor oil ,fatty acid oils , resin solutions.

Ink solvents and ink formula

Solvents means such a chemicals and non chemicals substances which dissolve the no soluble substances into water and oil. Solvent mix these contents homogeneously. Chemical solvents are acetons ,ethers ,esters ,alcohol ,hydrocarbons and nitroparaffins.

Ketones & ink formula

Acetone is the leading solvent in this group. It is the most significant solvent use in the field of printing inks which is completely dissolve into water whereas it boils at 56.1°c, It can dissolve the oils ,gums ,cellulose and esters with has a great ability to dry the ink rapidly.

Ether for ink formula

It is used in lacquers and inks as a solvent.

Esters for ink formula

which  is prepared by organic acid and mostly used in this class are ethyl  acetate, Isopropyle , ethyl lactate and butyl acetate.

Alcohols & ink formula

Ethyl and methyl alcohols commonly called as wood alcohols which are  specially use in the aniline inks formula as it brings glittering, smoothing and make the ink fine.

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