Vinyl Cement Formula

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Vinyl cement product this is a fantastic product that chemically bonds vinyl and vinyl laminated fabrics together in fact the bond is so good that you really don’t need to sew the seams. when you ‘reusing it with the proper products that’s  we would like to make it .we’ve highly recommended for the use with shelter-rite vinyl fabric and shelter-rite making crane covers out of is it in this case it’s a polyester 18 ounce material.

if you think of a truck tarp material. that’s what it is it’s pretty much bulletproof type vinyl laminated material or vinyl coated material. In this case and we know that that hh-60six bond is extremely well to this material but today we’re not going to telling  you so much how to use and how to make this product by our formula services. In this product there is  a bonding agent to create seams and   telling  you also  a secondary purpose of this product which most people don’t know about it which is  that in the making of  hh-60 six is the perfect seam sealer .

we can paint it right on sewn seams and it will plug the stick the needle holes and make those seams entirely waterproof .so if you have a vinyl product that is sewn and you need to waterproof the stitches the stitch seams consider using vinyl  cement all come with an applicator brush. It is amazing product formulation will be a game changer of new business.


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