Plastic Industry

New Formulas

Chemical Formulas : Plastic is a chemical which can be easily mold with human hands. The applications of this industry and its demand we can easily see by the time. These Chemical Formulas have been specially designed to fulfill the requirements of today‘s plastic industry. People can start this industry with the less capital as compare to other business.

Ink Formula

Advance Formulas

Ink Formula:- New techniques and advance chemical formulas of printing and writing Inks. The whole industry of newspaper, printing matters, periodicals and its related material depend on it. To make an ink neither a secret formula is required nor a heavy machinery. Hundred types of inks can be made and sold with these formulations.

Industrial Adhesive

Professional formulas

Industrial Adhesive:- An adhesive is a material, usually in a liquid or semi-liquid state, that adheres or bonds items together. Our chemical formulas services require no special education, training or experience just follow the straightforward instructions and be able to manufacture the adhesive products.

More Technologies
Resin Making

Chemical Formulas :

Synthetic resin is typically manufactured using a chemical polymerization process. This process then results in the creation of polymers that are more stable and homogeneous than naturally occurring resin. Since they are more stable and are cheaper, various forms of synthetic resin are used in a variety of products, such as plastics, paints, varnishes, and textiles.

Resins basically divided into two groups.

  1. Thermoplastic synthetic resins
  2. Thermosetting synthetic resins

Various synthetic resin making formulas and applications are mentioned through our Chemical Formulas services…..Read More

Textile Formulas

Chemical Formulas:

Textile industry is called one of the famous industry of the world. Thousands of chemical are used in the process of textile industry and Cialis 10mg these chemicals can be easily recognized by these formulas. The processing and exact ratio of these chemicals is mentioned in these Chemical Formulas……Read More

Coating Formulations

Chemical Formulas:

A Coating is applied to the surface of an object to improve the surface properties such as appearance, adhesion, corrosion and scratch resistance. In these formulations describe the processes for manufacturing chemicals use in the coating industry……Read More

Polishing Manufacturing

Chemical Formulas:

Polishing is finishing process for smoothing, shining the surface of a work piece.Polish industry deeply related to metal working, plastic, leather, rubber and other goods.The formulations are easy to understand and you can take to increase your chances of success……Read More

Our Services

Before you begin thinking about making a new career you have to decide whether you actually need one. Concerning yourself with the particular industry in which you want to work.So advance and set the following new careers with these chemical formulas as

Formulator, Industrial analyst, Technologist, Manufacturer, Product manager, Purchasing  agent, Supplier of Raw material, Quality controller, Product developer, Material  specialist,…Read More

Our motto is that “A formula can be changed a man life”. These chemical formulas are designed to show you exactly how easy to set up your very own profit generating business...Read More


These formulas cover all the requirements of ISO-9001 and ASTM standards…. Read More

Chemical Formula services will be expanded in near future. The formulas of the following industries will come soon like Aromatic chemicals, Food industry, Essence,Pigments,Varinsh making, Paper manufacturing, Metal treatment, & many  more….Read More chemical formulas

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